Drop in venues - this service does not issue or repair hearing aids but they can give advice about specialist equipment to help with phones, alarms, TV etc.

Shrewbury - The Lantern, Meadow Farm Drive SY1 4NG - 3rd Monday of the month 10-4 - please ring for anappointment 01743 277698

Ludlow - Helena Lane, 20 Hamlet Road, SY8 2NP - 2nd Friday of the month 10-1

Ellesmere -Meres DAy Centre, Trimpley Street SY12 0AE - 1st Thursday of the month - 2-4

For further information contact-:

The Sensory Impairment Team

Integrated Hospital Assessment & Avoidance TeamPartnership House,

William Farr Site,

Mytton Oak RoadShrewsbury.


Tel: 01743 277698, Fax 01743 369482 or email IHAAT@shropshire.gov.uk.

Hearing Impairment Information

The Sensory Impairment Team is part of Shropshire Council Community Services (Social Services) and contactable at Partnership House. The service consists of two Rehabilitation Officers who offer assessments for people with a dual sensory loss; and one Technical Officer who offers assessments, advice and equipment demonstrations to people with hearing impairments. The team provides a county wide service to ‘Shropshire Council tax paying residents’, and a ‘Drop-in’ service to anyone.  
You can see a Technical officer by calling in at one of our ‘drop-in’ venues situated around the County, appointments are not needed when attending a ‘drop-in’, anyone interested in issues related to their hearing impairment are welcome. Alternatively you can contact the team and request a full assessment, whereupon a clinic appointment will be arranged in order to explore equipment designed to enhance your hearing capacity in three major areas, alerting, listening and telecommunications.
The purpose of an assessment is to identify and address the difficulties you are experiencing specifically due to your hearing loss, issues may include-;  hearing your telephone ringing throughout your property, hearing conversation more clearly when talking on your telephone. Being alerted to your doorbell ringing throughout your property, and very importantly, being alerted to your smoke alarm especially during the night when you are not wearing your hearing aid. Assessments will explore assistive technology in the form of loop systems designed to help you hear televisions, radios, I pod’s, MP3’s and other devices more clearly. As part of the assessment; there will be practical demonstrations of equipment and if appropriate some items may be issued on the day same day. Other equipment such as telephones may be available through local retail outlets or specialist magazines; but what to buy?, in this case your Technical Officer will encourage you to try out an extensive range of demonstration telephones they carry, enabling you, should you so wish, to self purchase a telephone having first used the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. Remember your hearing impairment is unique to you so do not buy something on another’s recommendation just because it works for them or looks good in a catalogue, you may be disappointed. A full assessment can take up to 1-2 hours and is designed to progress at a speed acceptable to you. Finally we are all aware of the speed with which technology advances and because of this a the Sensory Impairment Team is expected to maintain an up to date knowledge base of the latest equipment designed to meet your needs. 


Technical Officer Clinic Venues

Clinic assessments strictly by appointment only

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Audiology Department

Mytton Oak Road                         1st Friday of the month

SHREWSBURY                             3rd Friday of the month


Bridgnorth Library

Listley Street                              2nd Thursday of the month

BRIDGNORTH                             4th Thursday of the month


Helena Lane

Hamlet Road                              1st Wednesday of the month

LUDLOW                                    1st Thursday of the month


Louise House                  

 Roman Road                              1st Monday of the month

SHREWSBURY                             2nd Tuesday of the month                                                               4th Tuesday of the month


Whitchurch Hospital             3rd Wednesday of the month

Claypit Street.


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