Audiology services are changing.

Watch out for the latest news when information is realeased about arrangements from 1st April 2016



Initially, for NHS service, anyone concerned about their hearing would get a referral from their doctor and then go to one of the clinic's run by the Shrewsbury and Telford hospitals for assessment and treatment. Now it may be possible to go elsewhere for assessment and hearing aid provision.


AQP explained

AQP (Any qualified provider) is a scheme set up to offer greater choice of providers of NHS health care.  Audiology services came under this heading from late 2012.


Put simply this means that, when referred for audiology services by their GP, patients who are over 55 with mild hearing loss will be able to choose to be seen from a range of providers who meet the required standards. The standards and cost paid to the providers are the same irrelevant of where the patient chooses to receive their care.  
The service remains free to the patient
whichever provider they chose to have their care from.   Because all providers are qualified, patients know that they will be offered safe, good quality services. 

Responsibility for patients under 55, those with greater hearing loss and complex cases remains with the hospital audiology service.


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In our area AQP services are currently provided by


The Outside Clinic - a home visit service.


The Shropshire and Telford Hospital Trust -at both hospitals and a range of out reach clinics.


Other providers may join the scheme in future.




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